Catamaran Outremer 49

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The Outremer 49 is a dream come true for those who love great voyages. This Outremer Yachting catamaran celebrates the company’s 25th anniversary in style, by embodying the values which have made it so renowned - qualities which include seaworthiness, simplicity and performance - whilst boldly getting past an important new milestone. Outremer Yachting has pulled off the gamble of modernism as well as finding the alchemy of speed and comfort.


Length:  14.98 m
Width:  7.45 m
Draft:  0.95-2.35 m
Displacement:  9.980-12.6 T
Mast hight:  21.06 m
Main sail:  86 m2
Solent:  40 m2
Gennaker:  110 m2
Spinnaker:  150 m2
High seas category:  6/8 persons
Costal category:  8/10 persons
Air draft:  23.08 m
Engines:  2 x 39 CV
Architect:  Ch. Barreau et F. Neuman
Designer:  Franck Darnet